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Hello friends,
today I want to tell you about an unusual event. My mistress Sylvia and I were featured in the daily newspaper.
But let's start at the beginning.
On August 21, 2005 we went to the Helenenpark as usual, but this time to visit a festival that was taking place there. Sylvia told me we should do dog dancing today. Somehow so many people always make me nervous, especially when we're supposed to demonstrate something. We started dancing just after 2:00 p.m. A trick demonstration before the dance made me calmer. I was supposed to lie down on a carpet that a colleague of mine had previously rolled out.
While we were dancing we were photographed by a reporter, but we hadn't noticed. When we were finished with the demonstration, Sylvia was then briefly interviewed by the reporter. He wanted to know my name, as well as Sylvia's and the name of what we did.
On the following Tuesday the time had come. Sylvia looked in the newspaper and saw us. We didn't expect that, a picture of ourselves.
We were absolutely thrilled because actually we weren't that good. I helped to a certain extent, but got distracted from time to time. This made Sylvia nervous, which then carried over to me. I can only react by barking, which I then did. Still, it was fun, as you can see on the newspaper clipping below.
Greetings to yours
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