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Leech Therapy
At the end of 2004 I went to see my animal health practitioner with Ronda because she had pain in her left hip. Leeches were placed on Ronda to suck the inflammation out of the body. I was briefed and informed thoroughly. They showed me where to put the leeches. Since it had helped, I decided in early 2006 to do the whole thing again. This time, I just informed my animal health practitioner about my plan, as I wanted to be sure I was doing the right thing. After clarifying some important points in Ronda's medical history, she gave me the green light to treat Ronda myself.

I am preparing Ronda. Since I knew that the leeches were to be placed around the joint, I simply felt the joint. Where I thought it might be right, I marked the places with bobby pins. With the scissors I then cut the areas free so that the skin was free of fur. So that the leeches dock faster, I scratched the spots with a razor blade.

When the leeches are docked, the one liquid "hirudin" spits out of the salivary glands, which inhibits blood clotting. This allows the leech to suck blood unhindered. Calin and hyaluronidase also get into the blood. Calin also inhibits blood clotting and thereby causes rebleeding. Post-bleeding is necessary because it will further cleanse the wound. This can take up to 12 hours.
The hyaluronidas has an antibiotic property. A substance assumed to be similar to histamine has a vasodilating effect, so that the blood flows to the "bite site". Other substances from the glands ensure that bloodletting is so healthy.
Various other substances also help to prevent blood clotting, and some of these substances have anti-inflammatory effects, among other things.
The leech spits several different fluids into the wound that are anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, and antibacterial.
In the photos you can clearly see how they suck. Pictures 4 and 9 clearly show the beginning of secondary bleeding, pictures 10 and 11 were taken a few hours later. The leeches fall off by themselves after about 30 - 40 minutes of sucking time, they must never be pulled off with force, otherwise the fine teeth get stuck in the wound and this leads to inflammation.
Der medizinische Blutegel
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These are the fine teeth (greatly enlarged)
(Source: BBEZ)
Leeches (schematic): (a) head of the leech with the oral cavity cut open, K the three jaws; (b) a jaw plate with its teeth on the edge (Source Wikipedia)
The interesting thing about the leeches is their physical change. When hungry, the leeches are as slim as earthworms, when they are full they are as fat as slugs. The leeches are by no means disgusting. They are warm and humid, but by no means slippery. I touched her without gloves.
Leech therapy is well suited for HD, ED, spondylosis, osteoarthritis and all other joint diseases.
One should never undertake such self-experiments without prior consultation with a doctor or alternative practitioner, neither on oneself nor on one's animal. There are some important points to be clarified beforehand, otherwise in the worst case scenario it could be fatal.
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